By Willy Wonky

Willy Wonky Plush


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Willy Wonky has left his paw print on our hearts after crossing the rainbow bridge June 3rd, 2024. To continue his legacy, we have decided to offer his memorial plushie and raise funds for the Willy Wonky Foundation created in his honor. The funds will be going to help us create a safe haven for special needs/disabled pets in the KC area, as well as assist pet owners with vet/medical/handicap accessible expenses. Portions of proceeds will also be delegated towards neurological research facilities to help find cures for future generations. Thank you for loving and support Willy Wonky during his short time here on Earth, and helping us continue to keep his legacy alive. I know he is so proud of each and every one of us.
Crunchies for life!🐾

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