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Sarcosuchus Bi Pride Plushie


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Making a splash into Paleo Pines is the BRAND NEW Sarcosuchus! 🐊
After he's done splashing in any and all ponds he can spot, he'll get to watering your crops and breaking down any logs in your way to get you where you need to be 💚
Not only is this gorgeous dino your newest pal in-game, but he's travelling all the way from Ariacotta Canyon to come home to you! 🌵
Dazzling in Proud Twilight, our Pride Sarco is infused with the Bi Pride colours and he is equipped with his trusty Pride Flag and wisdom stick. He's ushering in all the love, positivity and wisdom that pride month has to offer! 🌈
Our gorgeous Sarco compliments ANY dinosaur or plushie fan's collection! 🦖
The Sarcosuchus Bi Pride Plushie is based on our brand new Sarcosuchus dinosaur from the farming sim Paleo Pines, available on Switch, Xbox, Steam and PS4 & PS5. 🍃

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icon arrows icon arrows Height: 10.0cm
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