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Flint Bonpyre "The Firestarter" Plushie


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Note: All creator profits will go towards charity in helping Gay & Lesbian Youth Services to continue to support and provide safe and affirming environments for LGBTQ+ youth.

“Don't you know fire is dangerous...?

Step into the world of Corporate Clash with this plush of Flint Bonpyre - The Firestarter! Don’t let this timid bonfire fool you as he’s sure to stoke the flames for any occasion! This plush packs all the beauty and flare of a wildfire into a cute and irresistible package! With their fired-up bass guitar, radiating attire, and an eternal flame that can’t be extinguished, this blazing plush is a warm light in the dark! So crank up the heat and add The Firestarter plush to your collection today!

Disclaimer: Your purchase will not be considered a tax-deductible charitable donation to Corporate Clash nor Gay & Lesbian Youth Services.

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