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What is a campaign?
A campaign is a 21 day window where a product is available for purchase. If a product receives enough orders to hit the funding goal, the product will be made. If the minimum goal is not reached, all orders will be refunded.
When will my product ship?
Products that reach their funding goal are put into production. Since we have to make thousands of products, they can take up to 90 days to cook up! Your order will ship 1-2 business days after production is complete. Keep an eye on your email for a Shipping Confirmation notification. Track your Makeship order here!
How long will it take to arrive once shipped?
Shipping typically takes 7-15 business days depending on the destination country and city. Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, delivery to some countries is temporarily unavailable. For the entire list of shipping countries please click here.
What happens if my item arrives damaged?
Please send pictures of the damaged item and your order number to, and we will happily help you.
Can I update my shipping address?
If you have not yet received the Shipping Confirmation notification, we are able to update your shipping address. Please reach out to and provide relevant details, or you can fill in the form below to contact the customer support team.
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Looking for support?

Please let us know how the Support team can assist you. Provide any relevant details that would help us resolve your issue.

Want to work with us?

Please tell us what product you are interested in designing and any additional information that would let us know why it would be a great Partnership.