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Cool StanleyMOV Plush


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100 million years has passed since the last StanleyMOV Plush was announced, but the public has been screaming and shouting for more every since...
Which is why I am introducing the Cool StanleyMOV Plush! (ohhh my god)

The new and improved Cool StanleyMOV Plush comes in a fresh new design with detachable Gamer Sunglasses™ which increases your overall rizz with 200%! (That's 200% more than what you already got!)

The Cool StanleyMOV Plush is also backwards compatible with the previous model, meaning that you can attach the gamer girl headphones and sunglasses to both plushies! And even at the same time!! (Revolutionary, patent pending)

Grab yourself a silly little guy before he is gone forever!

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icon arrows icon arrows Height: 21.8cm
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