By Quazies

Lil' Pootis 2.0 Plushie


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Orange, squishy, and full of heart, you can now adopt your own Lil’ Pootis (the original design, again)!

This polite little bird may be a bit clumsy, but makes up for it in his unrelenting Pootis Charm!

The perfect pet (or son) for the on-the-go mercenary, Lil’ Pootis is always ready to accompany you on any adventure!

Just make sure to keep your eye on him, he gets into trouble easily!

Remember, when adopting a Lil’ Pootis you must always follow the three rules.

Feed Pootis.

Do not give Pootis gun.

Appreciate Pootis.

Add Lil’ Pootis to your home base today!

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icon arrows icon arrows Height: 19.5cm
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