By Camila Reis

Bonsai Dryad Plushie


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Meet the Bonsai Dryad, now as an adorable Plushie!

The smallest of all the Dryad species, Bonsai Dryads are the sweetest little creatures! While small and fragile, their bravery is bigger than the tallest tree you can find!

The Bonsai Dryad Plushie has all the details that make her a fan favorite including her soft textured "leafy" hair filled with flowers, her cute tail and detailed embroidered head branches!
If you need a tiny friend to follow you on adventures or to be the guardian of your house plants, the Bonsai Dryad Plushie is the friend you need! Getting a plushie also helps supporting this project, making me able to create more animations with the Dryads, including lil' Bonsai!

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