By Lil Pickles Da Pug

Emo Pickles Plush


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''It's not a phase, mom!'' Introducing the exclusive Emo Pickles Plush - A perfect, unique companion for those who appreciate some puggy rebellion! This adorable one-of-a-kind plushie features the iconic emo hairdo and studded accessories that accentuate her voluminous neck floof. Pickles is ''not okay'' with the lack of snackies, and her face says it all! Her side eye and snaggletooth will be sure to judge you. Rocking a tee that defiantly tells the peasants to ''BORK OFF'', Pickles is surely the coolest canine in town! Embrace the angsty meatball attitude, and add this edgy Pickle to your plushie collection today!

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