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Nurse Plush Classic


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🚨 Nurse is back – more unnerving than ever! Missed her haunting gaze last time? Now’s your second chance. She's not just any plushie; she's a journey into a world where medical malpractice and unhinged antics meet soft, eerie cuddles.

With her vacant, glassy eyes and a history of questionable treatments, she promises an adventure into the macabre. Each squeeze reveals her twisted past of midnight surgeries and dubious 'medications.'

This limited edition return is for those who dare to embrace the madness. Nurse Plush Classic is more than a toy; she's a chilling reminder of the line between comfort and chaos. Don't miss out – adopt her now, before she vanishes back into the shadows. 🖤💉

Get your Nurse Plush Classic – if you dare.

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