By AbiToads

Flower Frog GITD Plush


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Around 250 million years ago, the most perfect creatures came into existence: frogs. Since then, nothing has topped their levels of cuteness, roundness, sheer squishability, or beautiful vocals. The frog is pure, the frog is kind, the frog is friend. Now, the frog is a huggable, dressable, plush! In my professional experience, the best way to capture a frog's essence is to draw them as carefree as possible, and to have fun with it! Thus, this one came into being. Some call this particular buddy Bim Bom, others know him as a flower frog, but to all, he is just happy to be loved and seen! Dress up your froggy friend in either the yellow or glow-in-the-dark pink flower, or let him just be the green blob he was meant to be~

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