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Summer Memories Yui Plush


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To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Steam release of Summer Memories we've teamed up with Makeship to produce these adorable plushies of Miyuki, Rio, and Yui.

The girls will be available for a limited time so we hope you're able to select a best girl in time!

The younger cousin of Summer Memories, Yui is timid and reserved with a personality that’s the opposite of Rio’s.

Now you have the chance to take her home and show her some love!

Message from the Developer:

「あまえんぼを遊んでくれてありがとう! 結衣、莉音、美雪をこれからもよろしくね!」

Thank you for playing Summer Memories! I hope you had fun. Please keep sending your love to Yui, Rio, and Miyuki!

BONUS: Each Summer Memories customer will also receive a discount code for 30% off the Kagura Games store at the end of a successful campaign!

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