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The Limited Edition Yozora Plushie is packed with features:

- Wintry Chill deals damage per second and reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies in a large area. Stacks with itself. Pure ability damage. ❄
- Nimble Feet give her a 25% chance to dodge every incoming attack. 💨
- High-quality fabric is pillow-soft to the touch. 🌺
- All she needs is a warm hug. 🥰

Every Yozora Plushie purchase comes bundled with a coupon for 💎4200 Premium Essence in-game! (worth $30)

In-game Premium Essence coupon will be sent on April 3rd, after the conclusion of the plushie sale period.

The only catch is that our manufacturer requires a minimum of 200 plushies to be sold in order to produce them for us. If less than 200 plushies are sold by the end of the sale, everyone will receive a full refund instead. We have 21 days - let's all chip in together to hit 200!

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icon arrows icon arrows Height: 22.4cm
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