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YGO Dueling Nexus Nyx Fumo Plushie


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Shuffle your Decks, draw your cards, and Duel your hearts out with this officially licensed Nyx fumo plushie!

Hailing from Paradise City's Satellite District, don't let her aloof and airhead-like appearance deceive you - Nyx is a three-time Paradise Cup champion, a Neo Lancer, and Nexus Corporation Ambassador. She loves to Duel, seeking to bring people together across dimensions through the Nexus, and she can't wait to personally coach you at home!

100% of the profits generated from the sale of each Nyx plushie will be donated to Community Forests International, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring forests and local ecosystems in places such as Canada, Zanzibar, and Mozambique.
Additionally, every purchase will include a unique in-game code to be used within Dueling Nexus which will grant users: 4 months of Contributor Time, 100,000 XP, 2000 Credits, 10x Nexus Rare Tokens, and a Nyx Plushie avatar.

For those unaware, Dueling Nexus is an online, web-based, free to play, fully automated YGO simulator. We are a community developed and lead platform that seeks to bring people together across the world in our collective love for Dueling. Nyx is the official face of Dueling Nexus, being the face of the AI users face in-game, as well as being heavily featured both in-game and across our social media platforms. We hope everyone enjoys this plushie, as every purchase helps us combat climate change and deforestation across the world!

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