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The Raccoon Plushie


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Hi there!

We’ve completed your sample, and here are the photos! This turned out so awesome!
Next steps - tell us what you think! 🎄🎄🎄🎄
- If you are happy with the photos, we’ll get y🎄🎄our sample sent to you right away for final sign-off!
- Have any feedback to share? Visual aids are also appreciated to help outline your ideas!
Heads up!
- If you're worried about the size or shape of🎄🎄 your sample, don't worry! Our products are handmade, so any minor adjustments can usually be fixed with a bit of gentle massaging.
- No significant changes can be made to the product once it has shipped! Please share any feedback or revisions you have at this time.

# Thank you, looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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