By The Critical Drinker

TCD Cyborg Plush


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In need of a reliable little drinking buddy that won't start fights or pass out under the table like your so-called 'real friends'? Then say hello to the Critical Drinker plush.

Ideal to serve as the physical embodiment of the Drinker himself to keep spirits high on a night out, or sit thoughtfully by your side on the couch as you delve into another terrible movie. Whatever situation you find yourself in, the Critical Drinker plush is ready to help you.

Comes complete with his own little bottle of booze to dull the pain of bad films, a soiled bathrobe, and a pair of stylish aviators. But this isn't like any other regular old plush - oh no, this is the new and improved Drinker in cyborg form, complete with a partially exposed robotic face and glowing red eye, so as to never miss a bad plot detail!

Don't delay - order your Drinker Cyborg Plush today to avoid the same crippling disappointment that turned his namesake to drink! 

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