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Super Skullcat Plush


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What is a Skullcat? We may never know, but we can be sure of one thing: it’s a plush now. The Super Skullcat plush features a paw with a velcro patch you can use to swap between the included magnum weapon and health juice can. If you have a Super Fox plush (sold separately) you can trade weapons and items between it and your Skullcat too!

The plush also comes with a code for the in-game Skullcat Plush Emote that allows your Super Animal to walk around in-game with a Super Skullcat plush of its very own.

Ever since we released the Super Fox plush, we’ve heard from so many of you that you wanted a Super Skullcat too, so we’re excited to finally release it as our second plush with Makeship!

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icon arrows icon arrows Height: 23.1cm
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