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Super Kiwi 64 - Kiwi Plush


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Kiwi, the main protagonist of Super Kiwi 64, is ready to "3D Platform(er)" through the real world like it’s 1998!

Or perhaps like it's 2022 pretending to be 1998... ? Something like that...

After escaping from a floating Island with the help of an airplane-building dog and defeating his arch nemesis once and for all, he went on a trip through different dimensions with his oldest and his newest friend. Somewhere along the way they got seperated and while his travel companions landed in a completely different world, Kiwi ended up in our reality!

You could team up with him and see what low poly collectables you can find together? Maybe even find a way to send him back to find his friends somewhere along the way? Who knows!

And while he might have lost his "Sticking to Walls" powers and his "Backpack Wings" in the process, he got a way cooler new ability now: He is really squishy! Like... so squishy! <3

Almost ten years after I created Kiwi as a little tribute to an entire era of games from my childhood, it is absolutely mind blowing to me to see him in a plushy form and I am beyond happy about it. I really hope he will find a few new homes and bring some people out there a lot of joy and squish. <3

In case this might be the first time you’ve heard about any of this, we included a download key for the actual game itself. This way you are able to see what happened, before Kiwi plopped into his new plushy existence.

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