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Super Fox 2.0


750 out of 200 goal

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Bring a piece of Super Animal World into your home with the Super Fox Plush, featuring a detachable blue pistol for when you want it to look deceivingly less deadly (connects using velcro on one paw). If you have a Super Skullcat plush (sold separately) you can trade its weapon and item onto your Super Fox’s paw too!

The plush also comes with a code for the in-game Fox Plush Emote that allows your Super Animal to walk around in-game with a Super Fox plush of its very own.

The original Super Fox campaign was a huge hit, and we’ve heard from many of you who wanted one but didn’t know about the campaign in time, so we’re really happy to offer a second chance to get this plush. Thank you to the superest community we could ever ask for, and we hope you enjoy your new Super Fox friend!

NOTE: The Super Fox Plush is flexible, but not posable. We chopped up the one in the video and inserted wires to pull off the stop motion animation!

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icon arrows icon arrows Height: 20.7cm
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