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Sóleyra Plush


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Sóleyra is one of the two cats guiding players in Tribes of Midgard. To celebrate the game's 3rd anniversary, we're excited to let you adopt Sóleyra to have her by your side at all times!

This special Sóleyra plushie not only serves as a furry companion in your adventures but also supports a local charity for animal protection.

One of the two cats pulling the chariot of the goddess Freyja, Sóleyra is a quirky little deity with a perpetual sense of adventure. With a name meaning “Sun Ear”, the golden tufts of fur protruding from her head emanate a soothing aura, luring those around her into a gentle sense of complacency. To satiate her curiosity, this cunning yet cuddly predator persuades others into telling her their deepest secrets.

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