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Smush 2.0 Plushie


15 out of 200 goal

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many of you have asked about buying a plushie after our campaigns have ended -- well, guess what?? we were selected for Makeship's TimeWarp and we're bringing back the original WARRIOR plushie from 2020! we are so excited to do this and we hope you are, too!! as always, we have to have at least 400 pre-orders for the plushie to be produced with Makeship; so, if you've always wanted a smush plushie (or are a new fan), now is the time!! get 2 or 3 and give them as gifts with our kids book! wouldn't that be awesome!? thank you!!

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icon truck icon truck PRE-ORDER: Shipped By October 23
icon arrows icon arrows Height: 17.7cm
icon info icon info Please Refer To Our FAQ For More Info