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Sheriff Daisy


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Sheriff Daisy is undeniably the rootinest law man in all the land. With a belly fully of justice, and a hat that's too cute for his own good, Sheriff Daisy is on a mission to enforce cuteness wherever he goes. The daisy is his weapon of choice and he enjoys using his tiny arms to brandish it wildly at would-be criminals, disarming them with a devastating pollen attack. If you're in need of a plushie enforcer who means business, Sheriff Daisy is the one to have by your side – just don't let the floral charm fool you!

BUT WAIT! There's more

Keep an eye out for his partner in crime prevention, Deputy Blueberry! Together they are an unstoppable force of justice and delight. These two lawmen are the limited edition duo that will change the world, one hop at a time.

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