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Phonegingi Plush


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"Woah, who's that creature dripping with pungent slime over there?" Why, it's Phonegingi, of course! Designed to my demanding specifications\*, Phonegingi is HERE and ready for tomfoolery of the HIGHEST DEGREE!!! That's right! For a mere PITTANCE, you can acquire the nectar-guzzling cryptid that Dialtown, Wisconsin just can't seem to rid itself of for YOURSELF! Whether you're trying to sneak into your local funfair, sniffing voraciously through the foggy glass window at a nearby fast food place, or scavenging for discarded popcorn on the floor of your nearest cinema, this Phonegingi plush'd make the PERFECT companion for YOU.

\*Seriously, I cannot BELIEVE the number of nipples they allowed me to slap onto this thing!!!

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icon arrows icon arrows Height: 18.0cm
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