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MrCreepyPasta Cyborg Plush


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The year is 2022. A dark a crazed Doctor stands in his laboratory under a turbulent stormy sky. "Throw the level, Igor!" he shouts as lightning crackles over head. This assistant groans in response and with a metallic screech the contact pins meet. Electricity and sparks fly across the room! A maddened cackle erupts from the doctor's throat as the monster on the slab begins to rise to life for the second time. "He's alive!" He cries to the world. "He's Alive!"
And now he's available for you to take home! A Few extra pieces had to but bolted onto him to raise him from the dead but MrCreepyPasta is available to be your soft, cuddly snd glow in the dark minion of nightly terror once again! He's perfect for campfire stories, podcast narrations and NonStop Horror Radio evenings. Guaranteeing that every night has a nightmare!

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