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Koko the Adventurer Plush


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Hello there, Traveler! I heard you were looking for another companion to accompany you on your next adventure! And if I may, I'd love to introduce you to
Koko, the adventurer!
This little gryphon is proficient in cuddles and naps, and will do his heckin best on foraging snacks for you. He's got quite the nose for cookies.
Take note though, he's incredibly curious and tends to wander. So if he ever does, lure him back with some fresh hot cocoa. That usually does the trick.
But as long as you have room in your pockets or travel pack, he really likes to nap while riding along.
I'm sure that with Koko the adventurer with you, your next adventure will be quite the story to tell.
Be safe out there.

"Legendary Companion"
{Lucky Gryphon:
Once per long rest, Koko the Gryphon grants you one Luck Point allowing you to reroll a d20.

Observant Watcher:
As long as Koko the Gryphon is awake and with you, you have an advantage on checks during night watches and stakeouts, etc.

Gryphon Express:
Koko the Gryphon can be sent out to deliver small parcels or letters. He will know exactly how to find the receiver, but it may take time.}

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