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Holly was such a unique and well-loved hairless Chinese Crested rescue dog that stole the hearts of millions worldwide 7 years ago. Her quirky disapproving expressions and silly aggressive punches became her trademarks, spreading joy to her many followers and friends through her posts. Unfortunately in April 2023, Holly suffered a severe, unexpected heath complication. Her mom Stacey tried everything possible to try and save her but due to unforeseen side effects from her medication, sadly on May 13, 2023, National Dog Mom Day, Holly succumbed to her illness and crossed the rainbow bridge.

Through their grief, the family has decided to make a memorial plush of Holly, wearing her favorite denim ruffled dress, a golden crown carefully perched atop her white fluffy head for the queen that she was, and tiny angel wings to carry her over the rainbow bridge. To honor Holly's legacy, we’ve partnered with FORGOTTEN TO SPOILED ROTTON, a 501c3 rescue who does amazing work with senior and hospice dogs. 50% of the profits from the Holly Memorial Plush will go to support this amazing rescue, so Holly can continue her mission and give back to those in need. Thank you in advance for your love and support over the years for Holly's Journey. 

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