By HarPURR Kitty Warrior

HarPURR Kitty Warrior Plushie


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HarPURR has made powerful and purrofound connections both in person and throughout his social media platforms over the last 5+ years. These connections inspurrire people daily, puts a smile on their faces, a sparkle in their hearts, encourages them to do more for others and helps each one to feel valued, cared about and uniquely special. HarPURR helps those who may need that extra turbo boost of confidence to purrsevere and have that can-do cattitude.

Since these connections are near and far, having a tangible adorable version of HarPURR will make those connections even deeper for everyone.

Wouldn’t it make your day even more joyful if you had a sweet plushie of HarPURR to turn to for encouragement, joy and a purrsistent reminder of what is good in this world.

HarPURR is not only an inspiration, he is a genuine representative of cats with special needs and is a handi-CAN cat!

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