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Second Dinner is an award-winning independent game development studio that is here to make the most fun games in the world. Not super fun games. Not SUPER DUPER fun games. We mean the MOST fun games. In fact, our first game MARVEL SNAP has earned multiple Mobile Game of the Year Awards (Game Awards, DICE), Best Strategy Game (IGN), and the Apple Design Award for Innovation!

To commemorate our Sixth Anniversary (or our third, 2nd anniversary!) since our founding on May 18th, 2018, we’ve commissioned a SUPER DUPER AWESOME PROBABLY THE ONLY TIME WE’LL DO THIS plush of our studio mascot ‘Fud.’

We’ll donate any profits from the sale of this plush to a local non-profit food bank, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.


Who is Fud?
Fud is life. Fud is a state of mind.

What is Fud?
🥟🥟🥟A Dumpling/Bao. 🥟🥟🥟

Can you hug Fud?
You do you.

Can you eat Fud?
Who would eat an anthropomorphic dumpling? You’re a monster. Other than that, Fud is a plush. Please don’t eat the plushie.

Is that Boba Fud is holding?
🧋🧋🧋It sure is. If you look on our website at, you’ll notice that the team voted Boba as our favorite drink. We love boba almost as much as we love Fud.🧋🧋🧋

How can Fud hold Boba if Fud has no hands?
You’re asking a rational question about an anthropomorphic dumpling… Think about the life decisions you’ve made that got you here. Let’s just chalk it up to magic. Or to be more precise, Velcro magic.

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