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Fernando Miguel


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Word around Penguin Village is that Fernando Miguel is REALLY good at dancing. However, his skillful display of dance has not been made available to the rest of the world... until NOW!

You now have the opportunity to invite Fernando Miguel into your home and let him show just how good he is at dancing. But dance is not all he has to offer. A strong sense of fashion is present too with his exquisite hat, daring red tie, and well-groomed moustache. And if you're extra nice to him, he may teach you a few dance moves.

Fernando Miguel is the newest plushie in the collection of penguins featured in the game Penguin Heist and the online series The Penguin Saga.

Each purchase of the Fernando Miguel comes with a complementary Steam key for the game The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time. Keys are delivered after completion of a successful campaign.

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