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Erina of Rabi-Ribi Plushie


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Erina is the main heroine of Rabi Ribi. A six-month old bunny who mysteriously turned into a human. Erina resembles a teenage girl with gentle purple eyes and long, loose worn light purple hair with forelocks and bangs framing her face. She has a bunny tail and large, white bunny ears.She normally wears an indigo play-boy bunny outfit with a white collar and red ribbon, along with a single stocking, a pair of cuffs, and dark purple heels. She's curious about everything and not easily agitated, but just a little slow on the uptake. She is formal by default and seems to have good manners, even refusing to pay discount prices and addressing others with "Ms." and "Mr.". She accidentally offends people pretty easily. Despite this, she is very popular with the various figures she meets.
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