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Deputy Blueberry


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Deputy Blueberry is no ordinary amphibian - he is the tootinest lawman around these parts. Dressed in a pint-sized sheriff's deputy outfit, complete with a tiny star badge and his 10-gallon hat, Deputy Blueberry is here to keep your heart safe from the monotony of everyday life. If you're in need of a partner in crime prevention (or just a little buddy to watch over you), Deputy Blueb has got you covered. His squishy belly and goofy grin are on a mission to bring joy, laughter, and a little bit of froggy justice to your world.

BUT WAIT there's more!

Deputy Blueberry is just one half of the infamous Lawmen duo - his companion plushie, Sheriff Daisy, is also available to bring law and order to your home! Alone they are good; together they are unstoppable!

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