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Charlie the Pizza Rat


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Charlie steps out of the questionable kitchen of Sweet Pete’s Pizzeria and straight into your arms in this exclusive plush! He’s retired from his life of crime, received minimal stitches for snitching, and even made a friend along the way!

Initially a side character in the webseries BitterSweet, Charlie was a fan favorite from the moment he appeared on screen. Now as the romantic interest in his own series, he has reunited with his childhood crush Casper and doesn’t want to let this second chance slip away. As it turns out, those long lost feelings may not be so lost after all!

This Charlie the Pizza Rat plush features his signature t-shirt, beanie, and vest! The back of the vest has the YuuriVoice logo embroidered on the back, and there’s a velcro patch on his hand that ensures Charlie won’t lose track of his little buddy! Don’t miss your chance at getting your hands on this exclusive piece of YuuriVoice merch!

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