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Carrot Ankylosaurus


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Stomping it's way into everyones hearts, meet the Ankylosaurus -all the way from Veridian Valley! 🌿 These trusty steeds are always there when you need them, ready to water your crops on the farm and break through any barriers that may come your way in the wild! While they come in a few different colours, this little one is the adorable Carrot Anky! 🥕

We are SO thrilled to bring you another dino friend to take home, and we know they're just as excited as you are! Well, excited and maybe a little...sleepy? 💤 They will arrive with their own dreamstone 💎 to let them get in those essential naps between all the cosy gaming, knitting by the fire and crunchy poppin-tastings you'll be doing! While our Baby Lucky plushies were excited to get out and see the world, the Carrot Anky is already lying down and ready to relax on your lap for an evening of playing your favourite farming sim 😉

During this campaign, we will also be doing some VERY special competitions/giveaways 👀 Just like in Paleo Pines, these are some ultra-rare variants of this dino, and so we will be giving you the chance to win one of 5 Melanistic Anky Plushies! 🖤 So be sure to follow us on socials and join the Discord to make sure you hear about these opportunities as they arise! 🎁

The Ankylosaurus is a perfect new addition to any dino fan's collection, and is sure to be an excellent new friend! The Ankylosaurus Plush is based on the Carrot Anky dino from the farming sim Paleo Pines, available on Switch, Xbox, Steam and PS4 & PS5. 🍃

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