By Milkyhemp

Beatrice the Blazy Buddy


44 out of 200 goal

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Hiya! My name is Beatrice and I'm about to be your new fav sesh bestie. I tend to enjoy hanging out and taking it easy but on the flipside, I am always up for a good adventure! My buddy Sprout and I used to always go on hikes and trips into the forest. He told me he found the best home on here, and I hope to do the same. I love a good movie night while snacking on some munchies. Can you provide me with good snacks in exchange for some warm cuddles? I'm quite big and have been told I give the BEST cuddles ever! If that sounds good to you, I can be adopted right now! <3

From Milky herself: As a first hand adopter of Beatrice, I can confirm that she will be nothing but the best pal to have around. She loves to hangout and sesh but always insists on a good snuggle afterwards. I hope she brings you as much joy as she has brought me! Cheers!

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