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Baby Boron Plush


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Hello there! To celebrate the upcoming release of our space simulation / sandbox game "X4: Kingdom End", we are thrilled to finally turn a long cherished idea into reality: the Baby Boron plushie!

Baby Boron will watch your back while you enjoy the long-awaited reunion with the Boron in X4: Kingdom End, the fourth expansion for X4: Foundations. Discover their unique new ships and fly them through distinctive systems, on a journey of discovery, fascinating places, old secrets and new acquaintances. Embark on an immersive new chapter of X4!

X4 is a huge space sandbox simulator that lives and breathes within your PC. Thousands of ships and stations trade, mine and produce, all realistically simulated. In this universe, you can grow from being the lone pilot of a fighter ship, to managing a vast empire, commanding your fleets and designing colossal space stations. Transition seamlessly from first-person action, boarding ships and visiting their bridges, to an expansive strategy and management simulation. Choose your own path at your own pace. The decisions are yours.

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