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Sir Kipling Magical Talking Cat


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Sir Edgar Allan Kipling the magical snarky talking cat is a character beloved by fans all over the world. He is the owner of human wizard Lily Singer from the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus books and is always busy keeping her out of trouble. He is a long-haired, gray tuxedo cat with a white mustache and monocle markings befitting his floofy, regal demeanor. His second favorite activity is silently judging you with half-lidded, yellow eyes. His favorite activity is, naturally, eating the salmon you bribe him with. He says things like "Pride is unbecoming to humans, only cats and dragons do it justice," and "If you wanted sympathy, you should have adopted a dog." The most frequent thing said about him is: "I wish I had a cat like Sir Kipling."

Now, that dream has come true!

You will never find a more judgmental—yet more loyal—cat than Sir Kipling. He will do anything to protect his human, and now that human can be you. After all, what is a cat that cannot be snuggled and squeezed against his will? Nothing!

As Sir Kipling once said to his wizard human, Lily Singer "I'm always on your side—whether you like it or not." With a noble mustached and monocled visage, Sir Kipling is the epitome of the dignified cat, while also succumbing to elevator butt when given butt scritches, and loving nothing more than rolling over in your lap to demand a thorough tummy massage (but only for 3 minutes and 27 seconds, after that all bets are off).

Join me in bringing Sir Kipling to the world, so that we can all have a cat just like Sir Kipling—minus the snarky comments about our fashion choices and love lives.

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