By The Winterer

...Petaly Plushie


638 out of 200 goal

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"To all my adorned FANS, who are giving... ENCIRCLING, me! Their entire friend…! It’s enough to make a big kid CRY!!! Here… "
[You received the HugeThanks.]

Prove to the Lights/Camera Faction that you’re a member of the Petaly Rooters Ring with this limited edition stuffed punching bag/milk deposit of the saddest plush toy you’ll ever have staring up at the cobwebs on your ceiling! It’s your Most Friend: ...Petaly. Your lovable varmint, made for YOUR direction of shovable debarment. Or, like, a good home too, I guess! That’s a fantastic thought.

We couldn’t give him his neck. We tried. Jas tried.

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