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Doc/2BD Plush


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Behind the teamwork and violence, a focused and calculating mind dances between the role of observer and enactor. Doc's leadership is rooted in an unprecedented level of understanding of the world of Nevada. The occurrent is a mystery to all, but Doc's hazy view through the patterns lets him occasionally align his goals with Hank, and provide purpose to the faction he heads, the Status Quo. Their goals are to keep the world from slipping into entropic chaos, while at the same time staving off the disastrous effects of equally far thrown order. Anyone with power in Nevada knows who Doc is, and despite this he beguiles tracking, assassination attempts, or even diplomatic persuasion. As if guided by the deterministic gears of The Machine itself, Doc's goal oriented trajectories are rigid. Be warned; in plush form Doc is an abysmal driver and you should take caution when allowing yourself to be involved in any situation where they're behind the wheel.

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